Australia and the World Activities

During week 1, we had a look at Australia and all the different states we have. We also look at the map of the world and located where different countries were. We also began to learn about the different continents of the world. Below are two links for you to try. If you click on the:

Map of Australia -this is a game that will quiz you on Australia.

map of aus


The Continents of the World – this game will let you learn about all the continents and all the countries too. There are lots of facts and information to be found 🙂

map of continets


Think about what you learnt last week about Australia that you didn’t know, or once you have completed one of these activities, Post something new you have learnt 🙂 Don’t forget to tell your parents about your great learning!

Welcome to 3SP 2014

Welcome to Term Two in 3SP.

This blog will demonstrate lots of our learning within the classroom. You will also be able to find links that will take you to many of the websites we use in class to help us learn, for example: Sumdog.

Please have a look around and comment your thoughts and opinions on our great learning. Watch this space for more amazing information about our fabulous learning that is taking place 🙂