Australian Immigration Timeline




Click on the pictures above to find out about Post-World War II migration and ‘New Australians’

Stories of people who migrated to Australia: Click below to read about someones story about migrating to Australia



Cuc Lam’s Suitcase




Watch the video  below by clicking on the picture and think about the following questions when watching the video

  • why Cuc Lam fled Vietnam
  • where her first location was
  • why she came to Australia
  • what Cuc Lam carried in her suitcase
  • why she chose those things
  • what she sacrificed
  • what she gained by having fled Vietnam?


Panning for Gold!

Watch the video about Panning for Gold.

  1. What are the properties of Gold?
  2. What equipment do you need to pan for Gold?
  3. How do you pan for Gold?

The Gold Rush Game






 Click on the picture and it will take you to the Gold Rush. When looking for items, information will pop up about the different types of tools used for mining. Make sure you fill out your data chart about the different tools. Then you can play the game! Enjoy 🙂

The Gold Rush Video

Think about these questions and post something you wonder about or learnt 🙂

  1.  When was Gold first found in Australia?
  2. What happened after the first discovery of Gold?
  3. Why did mines close down?
  4. Why are they re-opening some gold mines now?
  5. Why are some people against mines being re-opened?


The First Fleet Timeline and Ships







Click on the Map to find out about the travel route of the First Fleet when they sailed to Australia.

first fleet






Click on the Picture of the Ships to find out information about the different ships that sailed in the First Fleet. Once you get to the website, click on ‘Ships’ to find some great information 🙂

The Gold Rush!!







Did you know? The Gold Rush sent many people to Australia during the 1850’s. Lots of people migrated here to try to find some Gold. In 1852, 370,000 people arrived to Australia. These people came from the United Kingdom, Europe and China.

The First Fleet and Convicts

Watch the video and think about the following questions:

  • When did the First Fleet leave England?
  • When did they arrive in Botany Bay?
  • Why did the First Fleet travel to Australia?
  • Who was transported?
  • What were the conditions like on the ships?

After watching the video, post a response to one of the questions, or something you learnt from the video.