Term 4 – Wildlife in Danger

In Year 3, we are learning about our environment and and animals that are becoming endangered and eventually extinct. We are learning about ways WE can help keep our environment beautiful.

Watch this video and think about the following questions:

What is this video about?
What message is being sent through this video?
As Humans, what can we do to make sure our beautiful environment and animals don’t become extinct?

Add a comment to share you thoughts 🙂

Rainforests of the world

Use the links below to find our where there are Rainforests around the world. Use the websites to help you complete your activity. Then comment, a country where you can find a rainforest and an interesting fact about them 🙂

Use kidrex if you need to find more information.








forest 2


Welcome back to Term 4!! This Term will be a very busy one with lots of exciting learning taking place. Our Inquiry Unit is called, “The Power is Yours”. We will be looking at the different habitats around the world and how and why animals are becoming endangered or extinct. We will be looking at how WE can make a difference to protect our animals and their environment 🙂